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Blood Rites  - Jim Butcher I have just hit page 245 of 336, and unless I am beyond stunned by the resolution of this book, or hear something a hell of a lot better about where this series goes - possibly after a several-book break, because I understand I am only on book six of fifteen - this is going to be my last Dresden Files book. Or at least the last one from Harry's POV.


Yep. I'm done.

When the guy you hired has been leering at and creeping out your friend who does not like him; when your friend goes into an extremely dangerous situation where both you and her are relying on this hired person's expertise (which exceeds yours and hers together); when your friend ends up in a situation where she cannot move except under this person's direction or all three of you plus several small children will be literally torn to pieces; when the hired person then needs to strip your friend's pants off; when your friend, whom you cannot see, gasps and starts sounding uncertain...

When your response to all that is If he's taking advantage of the situation to do anything sexual to my friend, it's obviously wrong for me to want to do anything about it because I'm not the one fucking her, that's the sensible logical approach everyone goes by, you have dropped off the bottom of my list of tolerably flawed protagonists.

I hear he keeps getting better, but unless anyone can offer specific assurances that he gets better enough, yeah, I'm done.