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Hansi Singh
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Dmitry Glukhovsky
Southern Gods
John Hornor Jacobs
Masterpieces of Terror and the Supernatural
Robert Louis Stevenson, Orson Scott Card, Jack London, Tanith Lee, Walt Whitman, Guy de Maupassant, Isaac Asimov, Ivan Turgenev, Johann Ludwig Tieck, Marvin Kaye, John Dickson Carr, Bram Stoker, Tennessee Williams, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Richard Matheson, Johann Wolfgang
Howdunit Forensics
Denise Mina
The Autopsy and Other Tales
Michael Shea, Laird Barron
Alice Hearts Welsh Zombies
Victoria Dunn
Blood & Water
Hayden Trenholm, Camille Alexa, Claude Lalumière, Derryl Murphy, M.L.D. Curelas, Kevin Cockle, Douglas Smith, Jean-Louis Trudel, Julie E. Czerneda
Cold Granite - Stuart MacBride ...well, yes, I can definitely see the mind of the man who wrote halfhead at work here. (He thanks his first agent for being the one "who suggested I stop writing all that SF rubbish and try a serial killer novel instead." Now I'm wondering what else he wrote, besides halfhead...

Kind of surprised to find out that McRae's encounter with Angus Robertson predates the first book. I was coming to this vaguely sorry that I already knew the resolution of the first story, and am pleased that this is not the case.


Alright. The cover blurb is "Riveting and gruesome"; it is definitely the latter, and I had real trouble putting it down (as evinced by the fact I went through 600 pages in two days). Fast, enjoyable (I mean, presuming that fictional horrible crimes are something you read about for enjoyment), decent and varied cast of characters that I am planning to catch up on. Satisfying without being simplistic or muddled, which is a neat trick and a harder balance to hit than you might expect.

Avoiding spoilers; recommended to anyone who thinks, based on the summary, that they would enjoy this kind of thing.