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Neonomicon - Alan Moore, Antony Johnston, Jacen Burrows I liked it; it's a new and interesting take on Lovecraftian madness, how the stories tie into the reality, and what dealing with the Mythos might actually do. It ends on a very ominous note, the art's good, the pacing's excellent. Like most Alan Moore graphic novels, it is not exactly something you can skim, and I'm fine and happy with that.

I might have given it four stars. However.

There are six disturbing pages in there, and four of them are really disturbing. Possibly it wouldn't have been as bad in text, rather than images. It's hard not to take in all the information in images; the trick of skimming or skipping over words the way you can with the pages of a novel, it doesn't work so well on GNs.

But yeah. I would have appreciated knowing in advance about the-- not even about the rape, about the depiction of same, and would include the phrase "trigger warning" in any discussion of the book that is more than casual.