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Locke & Key, Vol. 4: Keys to the Kingdom - Joe Hill, Gabriel Rodríguez Have to say, the way this was building up I was expecting a finale. The last half-dozen pages, however...

I am looking very much forward to the fifth book.

The art was beautifully done, particularly (I thought) the Sparrow opening issue with the Calvin-and-Hobbes style, and the slice-of-a-day treament of February. I think February did a lot to round out the cast beyond Kinsey, Bode, Tyler, and Dodge, too; not that it particularly focussed on other people, but it did flesh out the core cast's relationship with others, and that helps.

On that note, I was very glad to see more of Rufus. Kind of missing Mrs. Locke, though; she was around for two pages, and they were really mroe scene-setting than plot.

Going to reread the other three before offering more in-depth commentary, I think.