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Noir: A Collection of Crime Comics - Diana Schutz, Ed Brubaker, Alex de Campi, Eduardo Barreto, Rick Geary, Fábio Moon, Gabriel Bá, Stefano Gaudiano, Jeff Lemire Pleasantly surprised; I was coming to this with expectations of both quality and convention. Quality was met. Convention was met and exceeded.

There are a three science fiction stories, and now that I think about it, that's not unheard of; consider the Great Whatsit from Kiss Me Deadly. A similar (not identical!) story could have been told without the gadget in question in each case, but they worked well and even when I wasn't surprised by the ending (which is not a reflection on the story; just, honestly, halfway through a noir anthology a double-cross becomes less of a surprise) I was enjoying them. And plan to look up more Mister X stories--I mean, psychetecture with horrible effects on the city's inhabitants, an epidemic of sleep disorders, the once-shining Radiant City now named Somnopolis? I'll be over at the bookshelf.

One of the stories struck me as a bit of a stretch--not that it was implausible, but that I wasn't sure the narrator could rely on events unfolding as comfortably as they did.

The rest were solid, ranging from simple slice-of-life in a mean-streeted city to more heavily plotted stories of what I'm going to call depravity, combining crime and murder and the occasional twisted thing (and I'm going to wrap this up before I end up with a third Mike Hammer reference). Pretty sure one of them recast Batman's origin story, which made me grin a bit.

Overall; solidly enjoyable, veering into damn good on occasion. Graphic novels tend to be a really fast read, and at 116 pages I would recommend reading before buying if you're budgeting either cash or shelf space, but I would definitely recommend reading.