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Kingston Noir - Colin Channer, Chris Abani, Thomas Glave, Kwame Dawes, Marlon James, Kei Miller, Patricia Powell, Leone Ross, Ian Thomson, Marcia Douglas, Christopher John Farley Well. That was the most upsetting crime anthology I've read this year. Read in a while, in fact. (This isn't a bad thing, just a heads-up.) Favourite stories were "Immaculate" by Marlon James, "Roll It" by Leone Ross, and "Sunrise" by Chris Abani.

Two of the stories (out of eleven) struck me as more slice-of-life than crime or mystery stories. Out of the remaining nine, two came across as merely solid--one straightforward, one that made me smile. A couple struck me as strange; the characters were well-drawn and behaving consistently with themselves, but I wasn't sure I could buy into how they interacted with each other.

The other five ranged from good but leaving me feeling like I needed to reread it on a day when I wasn't feeling slightly under the weather to leaving me sitting there thinking "I just read that? People do that-- oh, god, they do. Ohgod."

I'm breaking it down like this because... honestly, having read the book, I am currently feeling very safe, and suburban, and a bit ignorant.

Well worth the read, not (personally) traumatizing, but worth making a small extra effort to note this is not a feelgood book.
[1] Which is not to say they are uninteresting. One of the two (namely "54-46 (That's My Number)") struck me as more of a mystery than a crime story; the other was "Immaculate", which, er, did not.