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Grave Peril - Jim Butcher Okay. I get that there are certain pulp conventions, and I get that Harry's a bit of a chauvinistic twit at times. I forgive this. And I don't quibble with each character alone.


I am 91% of the way through this book, and as it stands:

Karrin Murphy's been Sleeping Beauty'd for her own safety during most of the action; Charity comes across as strong but still largely exists to be angry and threatened; Susan Rodriguez has been ignored for most of the book, been captured, been turned, and currently wandered off subject to Bianca's will; Justine has been kidnapped and her insanity is in full swing (not her fault, it's just hormones) because Thomas isn't around to keep her steady; Lydia has been scared and running away and bait and helpless and terrified all damn book. Kelly is the bad guy minion (the rash and rude and violent one, specifically); and then there's Bianca and Lea. Even granting that the nature of Agatha and Rachel will limit their personalities, and allowing Michael's contention that Mavra is not a she, but an it, there's enough here that I am giving this book the side-eye. Oh yes.

I don't think this is typical--[b:Fool Moon|91477|Fool Moon (The Dresden Files, #2)|Jim Butcher|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1345556849s/91477.jpg|855288] didn't have this problem, and god do I kind of really miss both Tara West and Karrin Murphy right now--but dammit, I had better get some effective female characters who aren't antagonistic corrupting temptresses back next book.


Having finished it:

At heart, okay; I liked this book, I liked the natural progression of the consequences of the plot of the antagonist(s), I like the twists along the way, and I really like the finale, because it has a fine sweet Tales from the Crypt comic book justice. And I think that Harry and Susan's end situation is very well done; it's hard to keep that from going into either facile pronouncements or angstful melodrama, but I think Butcher manages.

As to what I said above; I stand by my annoyance, but I'm sure Butcher can do better, and look forward to reading said better.