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Death Masks - Jim Butcher It's odd. On one hand, this feels more fragmented than some of the other books; you have the Red Court thread, and the Shroud thread. On the other hand, I liked it much better than most of the ones I've read so far, and I think I just figured out why.

Someone, I think it was [a:Cherie Priest|221253|Cherie Priest|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/authors/1263959704p2/221253.jpg], once said that one of the awesome things about Justified is that it is not the Raylan Givens show. Despite the course of events in this book needing Harry, this book was not the Harry Dresden show. You only see what Harry sees, but you get a better view of the rest of the world, and it is good.