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Blackout - Mira Grant Someday I will get through a Mira Grant book (or possibly a Newsflesh book; my experience of the the two groups has had 100% overlap until now) without getting weepy. That day, kinda unsurprisingly, is not today.

I dragged my feet on reading this book for a long time (a tendency I have noticed in myself when I don't want something to end). I'm very glad I finally read it, and I wish I'd done it sooner, and dammit it is hard to discuss these without spoilers. In the absence of spoilers, there is really not much I can say.

That said:

* As always, the epigraphs are brilliant; the ones before Chapter Thirty-Six are my favourites. The moment where the epigraphs of certain characters stop being marked as "unpublished" made me want to cheer.

* This book has made me think I need to revisit [b:Watchmen|472331|Watchmen|Alan Moore|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1327866860s/472331.jpg|4358649] and call for a bit more accountability from certain characters. I suspect it will make me angrier with the story. That's okay.

* Much love for the recognition of the cold equations.
Because we chose to tell the truth
(The cool of age, the rage of youth)
And stand against the lies of old
(The whispers soft, the tales untold)
We find ourselves the walking dead
(The loves unkept, the words unsaid)
And in the crypt of all we've known
(The broken blade, the breaking stone)
We know that we were in the right
(The coming dawn, the ending night).
So here is when we stop the lies.
The time is come. We have to Rise.
It's a good weepy, and it's been a fine trilogy to read.