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Close to the Bone (Logan McRae)

Close to the Bone - Stuart MacBride Solid McRae, but it felt a little more scattered than usual. Mind, I have had a very long week, so that might have simply been my buckling down to read it while in a rather frangible state of mind. (No, not fragile. Frangible.)

Still; the usual weaving together of plot threads, the usual battered-and-gritty setting, and a couple of secondary characters I hope to see again (plus a brief walk-on from good old Jackie). I imagine that at most there's two more books before Logan needs to decide what to do about Wee Hamish, and if he keeps dragging his feet on that until the last minute he's in for it.

(Also, Logan McRae, for the everbleeding love, answer your messages in a timely fashion. Still not doing that? Nope? Right, carry on.)